One Tap Reservation

Easily reserve yourself a parking spot in a commercial lot with one tap of a button

Guaranteed Parking

Guarantee yourself a parking spot exclusively

Know Where You're Going

Parkr will direct you to your reserved parking spot saving you time

Track Your Stay

Parkr will provide you with live tracking of time spent and cost of your stay so far

Pay By Cash On Exit

Pay your parking fee to the parking attendant in cash

Parkr Support

Call Parkr support for any feedback or questions


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Download our application on the App store and make an account.
Search your desired location for an available spot.
Tailor your search by details such as kind of parking, distance and added features.
Select your spot and make your reservation by clicking “ Reserve My Spot”
After making your reservation, a time ticket will be activated. If you miss your time ticket your reservation will be automatically canceled.
When you reach your booked parking, simply check in by scanning the QR code available at the entrance. If you need more information feel free to ask the attendants available.
A successful check in will activate Parkr’s in app counter. In which you are charged based on the time you stay.
When you wish to check out, simply scan the same QR code. Once you have checked out, a receipt will be forwarded to both you and the attendant.
Pay the attendant the amount listed and enjoy your hassle free parking experience ."
After making your reservation, simply click the get directions and it will take you to Google Maps with the direction highlighted for you. We have also provided you with pictures of the parking so you know what it looks like.
At the moment we are only accepting cash payments, but our credit card service will be available soon!
"Of course, just press the cancel button located in the app after reserving a spot. "
Parkr’s referral system allows you to build up credits by sending an invite code to your friends. Your friends will receive a $5 discount on their first Parking Panda reservation by entering your invite code. Additionally, you will receive a $5 credit for every friend that uses your invite code. Please note that your friends must be first time customers in order for the invite code to work for them.
"Yes it is. We partner with parking location operators and attendants to guarantee the availability of each parking space reserved on our app. Even if a location is temporarily marked full for drive up customers, your Parkr reservation still guarantees you a space. Just get the attention of an attendant for assistance!.



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